What the Experts Are Saying About Johnny's Workout

Johnny Aliotti has developed a simple comprehensive guide for building lean body mass and reducing body fat. The Dumbbell Workout is easy, effective and requires very little equipment. I have been using his workout for over one year now and have found it to be a time-efficient way to build strength and improve fitness.

Bradley Carpentier, MD,
Salinas, CA

Congratulations to Johnny for putting together a simple, concise guide to better fitness and health! Finally, someone has shown that working out can be done in our natural environment without spending a fortune on equipment (simple dumbbells) and health club memberships. The recipes and diet recommendations are refreshingly easy to both understand and prepare. Johnny's Simple Dumbbell Workout is a great guide for anyone to achieve a healthier lifestyle as well as a fitter body.

Sharon deMaria-Osgood,
USA Triathlon Expert Coach,
Head Coach, Monterey Peninsula College Tennis, Monterey, CA

Johnny's Simple Dumbbell Workout is just that: simple and easy. In this day and age when most working adults don't have an over abundance of free time, Johnny's workout is a godsend. Not only does he give a thorough explanation of many ways you can use dumbbells, but he also provides you with five different routines that can keep the easily discouraged from getting bored. As you read on you will find that the road to total physical fitness doesn't stop with just weights. Johnny also gives great advice about nutrition to go along with some of his favorite recipes. Gina's Lasagna is to die for. If in the past you have found it hard to stick with a workout program, I highly recommend Johnny's Simple Dumbbell Workout.

David Campbell,
Assistant Basketball Coach,
U.C. Santa Barbara, Goleta, CA

Johnny's Simple Dumbell Workout is a well laid out book. It's easy to follow without having to buy expensive equipment. I have followed the exercise plan and the results are real. The sample diet is healthy for the heart and the recipes are delicious. I would recommend this book to anyone.

Shawn E. Goodwin,
Waitperson, Monterey, CA

Fantastic summation of simple pearls! Johnny has outlined an easy to follow, concise, effective program of fitness, flexibility and nutrition that will get you results, fast! Start today. You have everything to gain.

Dr. Anthony M. Payan, Chiropractor,
Neuromuscular Therapist,
Conditioning Specialist,
Pacific Grove, CA